Seek the King

November 24, 2017

   Jesus = King?  When do we see Jesus in our world?  Jesus compares himself to a king who moves among his subjects to see how he is treated; what is done for the least of those who belong to his family is truly done for him.  Matthew 25:31-46


Seek Christ’s coming

November 10, 2017

   When is the end of all time?  What should we do until then? Jesus provides some clues in a conversation he has with his disciples.  Matthew 25:1-13


Seek to Join Isaiah’s feast

November 3, 2017

How do you imagine heaven?  The Old Testament prophet Isaiah speaks of a feast, a banquet, of delicious things spread out for all...and there's still more...the end of tears and death itself.  Pretty amazing, isn't it!!  This is our future.  Bible reading:  Isaiah 25:6-9