Seek the Gifts of the Spirit

May 18, 2018

What, me, witness?  What, you want me to testify?  Yes, we do....and so does Jesus!  But because this can seem like a big job, Jesus also gives us some help...the Holy Spirit.  Listen and find out how that works!
Gospel reading:  John 15:26-27,   Acts 2: 1-21


Seek to be One

May 11, 2018

     How's your math?  In the night before Jesus is arrested and brought to trial, he prays that his disciples would all be one.  In our fractured world, what does it mean to be one, to be united in Christ?
     Gospel reading:  John 17:11


Seek to be called Friend

May 5, 2018

What is our relationship to Jesus?  In the last meal Jesus would eat with the disciples before his death on the cross, Jesus tells them that he considers them his friends.  So, too, we who follow Jesus are called his friends.  What does that mean for our life in the Christian faith?
Gospel reading:  John 15:4-17