Seek out interruptions

June 29, 2018

     How do you feel about interruptions?  Jesus gets interrupted twice...we never do find out exactly what he wanted to do..but in those interruptions, he provides healing and restoration to two different families. 

Gospel reading: Mark 5:1-43


Seek Strength in Chaos

June 23, 2018

Ever been scared and overwhelmed?  Not sure you were going to make it?  The disciples know this feeling!  They're (literally) in the midst of a storm and are terrified that their boat will sink. Listen to what happens next!
Gospel reading:  Mark 4:35-41


Seek to define family

June 8, 2018

     How do you define "family"?  Is it by blood?  By years of friendship?  By sharing similar experiences?  How does Jesus define family?  Listen to his words from Mark 3:31-35.